Plan for Your Retirement

Our advisors can help you determine what you need to live the life you want when you retire. Then we'll come up with a saving and investing plan to get you there.

Invest in Your Future

Looking to buy that dream home or dream car? What about that trip of a lifetime? A good savings and investment plan can help you achieve all of your life goals.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? Answer a few questions, and we’ll see where you’re at.


At Pathfinder Investment Advisors, LLC, we serve our clients through tax-centered financial life planning. Our holistic approach and philosophy takes into account your current financial situation, as well as your ongoing financial goals. So whether you need to plan to send a child to college or buy that motorhome to retire in, our advisors can create a personal financial plan just for you.

Our unique CPA background—combined with our brokerage experience and services—allows us to provide our clients with long-term, tax-centered wealth management and protection so they can make the most out of their investments.


These resources and documents are provided to our clients, free of charge.